3 Powerful Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Content Hub

3 Powerful Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Content Hub

Beat Your Online Competition with a Content Hub

With the increased importance of content marketing these days, having a content hub is a must to engage your website visitors, does your business have one?

According to digitalbuzzblog.com over 2 million blog posts are made every day. With that amount of content going online you need to make sure you target your audience with relevant information that focuses on value, education and above all else encourages social engagement.

How do you do this? … By creating a content hub of course!

That is, creating a blog that targets your audience in a variety of ways, this can include blog posts, downloads, competitions, infographics, videos and pictures. Sites like this naturally encourage engagement, community, social sharing and showcases you and/or your brand personality.

Having a content hub is powerful tactic for the niche marketer or small business owner, and even more so when it comes to B2B marketing.

Now …. onto the 3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Content Hub.


1. Content Hubs Helps You get Better SERPs Rankings

With its continual algorithm updates Google is getting smarter and concentrating now on topics and the content that is attached to it, and not so much on keyphrases.

The tip here is to ensure that you create lots of content that focuses on particular topics and not a mishmash of various subjects. So tell stories, create posts, videos, infographics and images around your centralised topics and encourage social sharing. Plus, learn how to create share worthy content with buzzwords.  Note also, it is always good practice to go back and update old blog posts


2. Content Hubs are the Base from which to Share all of your Content and Expertise

When you write a blog, post a video or create an infographic, share it through your own social media platforms to showcase your knowledge and expertise. By doing this you will start to create community and gain followers who are as passionate about your product/service or subject as you are.

Your followers are your tribe. By building strong relationships with them they will fast become your advocates helping to further promote your business.

So make it a habit to ensure your content is at times humorous, educational, informative, entertaining and engaging as this will meet the different personality styles of your followers and encourage further social sharing.


3. You get more Targeted Traffic from Search

Focusing on your content hub correctly and ranking higher within the SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages) allows people to find your content organically. The more valuable people find your content, in that it provides an answer to a problem, serves a need or simply delights, the more they will return to your website and the more they are willing to share your content within their community.

Remember Google is continually watching a user’s behaviour so by having a content hub that serves your target audience needs you will earn traffic instead of needing to buy it through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Social Media Examiner provides a great intro exploring why and how to make your blog the hub of your content marketing plan. Why not start now and start impacting and creating community with your social media tribe.

So use your blog to its best advantage. After all it helps with search engine optimisation, leads, and the hub for all your content and social media marketing.




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