Setting up Your Business Profile on Instagram

Setting up Your Business Profile on Instagram

What is Instagram and its uses for Small Business

If you haven’t heard of Instagram by now, it can be regarded as one of the “Big 3” in social networking, right along side Facebook and Twitter, and if you aren’t using Instagram for your business yet, chances are you are missing out on some major action.

One of the biggest advantages Instagram has over Facebook and Twitter, when it comes to social interaction and engagement, is that every connection is made with a picture. For business owners expanding into internet marketing, this is huge. Not only does it allow you to tell potential customers and clients about your business, you get to show them your business. Having a photo to look at with every post gives them a better sense of the personality of your business

If your brand is looking for more social engagement than what you are currently receiving on Facebook, you can’t go wrong with Instagram.


Tips on Setting Up an Instagram Profile

So, lets go through the process of setting up Instagram and optimising your Profile …

Social Media Office InstagramBeing a business, you will want your profile to have a professional yet welcoming demeanor.

For your username you will want to of course incorporate your business name if available. If someone already snatched up the name of your business, I recommend trying to separate the words with a dash or underscore. But avoid using numbers at the end, as it tends to make the name look less professional and like it may have been chosen randomly and without care.

You will also want to make sure you put a link to your website’s home page in the field provided in your settings.

Whenever someone looks at your profile, the hyperlink will be found right below your profile description. Alternatively, you can use a hyperlink in this section to encourage your followers to download a guide, sign up for a webinar, or request more information on the service or product you are promoting. However, if you don’t have a website you could place your Facebook link here.

TIP: Set up a account and you can even track your Instagram visitors.

In the description field, you can briefly tell potential followers and customers about your business and what you do. Don’t be afraid to use emoji’s in place of words. Not only can they be searched, but they will help build the personality of your business, welcoming new followers. As with other aspects of Instagram though, be careful not to overdo it with the emoji’s. You don’t want to make your description some sort of cryptogram; keep it simple and easy to understand and read.

TIP: To set out your Instagram Profile, use Notes on your iPhone

For best results, you will want to Keep your account Public, as setting it to Private will not allow people that aren’t following you to see any of your posts, and this puts tight limitations on how people can actually find your Instagram page. And if they do happen to get to it somehow, chances are they aren’t going to follow you if they can see your posts.

Another thing that will help if you have other social media accounts is under the settings section in your options where it says “Linked Accounts”. This allows you to link the other major social media networks to your Instagram page, such as Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, so that every time you post on Instagram it will upload instantly to the other social network pages as well.

In the next email I provide some ideas and examples for the types of content to post.  In the meantime, play around with the Instagram app, If you don’t feel confident using Instagram, keep you profile on private, delete those images that you don’t like prior to going live and launching your business on Instagram.

Most of all .. Have Fun!!

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