The Importance of using Hashtags on Instagram

The Importance of using Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags (#), Quite possibly the most powerful tool when it comes to social networking.

In the beginning, hashtags were highly popularized on Twitter (it still is today), seeing its success Facebook starting using it, and now it is the medium of keywords and trend-spotting across virtually every social network.

Using hashtags in your Instagram posts allows people to find your page without having to search for you or your business specifically.

Some popularized ones regularly used now include:#fashion, #instamood,  #throwbackthursday, #wcw (woman crush Wednesday), or a particular new one that will be great for business, #shopsmall (used on Saturday to encourage shopping at local businesses rather than big-box retailers).

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to use anywhere from 7 – 30 hashtags per post, any more than 30 and your comment won’t post.

There are different ways Instagrammers like to use their hashtags.  Some will place them with the original post, others will place them below the original post as a comment.  This is really a personal choice and has no real bearing on your possible reach.

Hashtag FeedHashtags show up in what is called a hashtag feed.  When people are looking for a specific hashtag they will scroll through this feed and like the various posts.  Some will make comments, or, if they really like what they see will follow the Instagrammer.  This is why your photos need to stand out and attract your potential target audience’s attention.

Be sure not to make your hashtags too vague or use only trending hashtags as it will begin to look like you are just trying to show up in search results.  This can also have a negative impact on people who are already following you.

Because you want to target your potential tribe, use hashtags you know they are already searching for.

One thing to keep in mind, and to keep your feed interesting, remember that the photos that you post don’t have to represent the hashtags you are using.  The rule of thumb is to post beautiful images that capture your tribes attention, but are branded by your logo, the category of your business and the topics you chose to cover, (i.e Category: Gym:  Topics covered: fitness, food, exercise tips, motivation, events), the colours and filters used in those images, the fonts and even your tone of voice in your post and replies to comments.

I’d recommend jumping onto some of the daily trends though, as they encourage interaction and make your business entity feel less like a business and more like a person.


Should I have Business Brand Hashtags?

Do you want to incorporate a business brand hashtag? It is definitely something to think about.  If so, they should be relatively short and easy to remember, but also include the name of your business in some way. Be sure to use them in every photo you post yourself. That way when customers are looking for your business, they will find it easily.

At the beginning, you won’t really notice much traction, but be persistent with it, and once your followers begin to trust you, you’ll find them using it posts that make them think of your business, which then attracts their followers to your business.

if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line,or if you are new to Instagram, why not download my Jumpstart to Instagram Guide.

Cheers ~ Michelle

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