Social Media Crisis – Are You Prepared?

Social Media Crisis – Are You Prepared?

How prepared are you for a social media crisis? It’s 2016 and social media is playing a more important role in business than ever before. From the daily posts on Facebook and Twitter, to sharing all your photos and favourites on Instagram and Pinterest; the amount of information we post online has never been more prominent … and taking care of ourselves and our business interests has never been more important.

No matter how unlikely you may think a crisis on social media is, you have no idea what the future holds and one simple post – a bad review, abusive behaviour, or similar, can break a business.

Every day, you hear and see something detrimental in the news, or in your Facebook or Twitter feed, that has come about through social media: from bullying to trolls, posts that encourage racism or spam posts that use other people’s images, logos and faces to promote their controversial products.

The scary thing about social media is how fast news can spread

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you operate: a small suburban café where a customer complained of a hair in their coffee; or a big multi-national company who has been “outed” (like Starbucks not paying tax in the UK a few years ago) – the repercussions are the same for the business owner.

The scary thing about social media is how fast news can be spread and these types of posts are often shared thousands of times within minutes, creating backlash and often retribution.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop these kinds of posts appearing, but having a crisis management plan in place is imperative to both the present and future of your business.

A simple step to  help manage a potential social media crisis

Probably the most important thing is to have someone available, linked up to your social, so they can check the posts regularly and combat any issues before they spiral out of control. If you’re worried about the cost of having someone do that for you: imagine instead the cost of NOT doing it.

If you aren’t prepared, you leave the future of your company in the hands of the world of social media … scary thought.

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