Benefits of NAP in Local Area Marketing

Benefits of NAP in Local Area Marketing

Local Area Marketing & Your Small Business

Did you know that local area marketing is one of the tools you can use to boost your chances of being found online?  We all know that if you run a small to medium local business, trying to fight the big guns of business on Google for the front page can be very frustrating.

Larger companies often flood search results, and smaller business owners can feel like it’s a lost cause trying to beat them.

The one factor that you, as a small LOCAL business owner have over the national big guns is your location. Now it’s time to use this to your advantage.

Google’s search engine is now highly focused on showing search results for location based searches.

Google now uses your location information on your website and across various other websites, like online directories for example, to serve those search results.


The benefits of using N.A.P for Local Area Marketing

What’s that? you ask.  It stands for:  Name. Address. Phone number.

If you get these 3 bits of information consistent across a bunch of directories, websites, and other platforms (like social media), then the most important part of gaining the local SEO value of N.A.P. listings for your business is done.


… There really isn’t much to it, but it can have a massive impact on your local SEO rankings.


The information you need to ride the ranks (called citations) is typically listed somewhere on your website, most likely your contact page; and on other sites such as TrueLocal, Hotfrog, YellowPages or Yelp.

Search engines are designed to search out citations to make sure that it’s a legitimate business location.

The more listings you have with the exact same information without variation, the more trustworthy you’ll appear to Google. Then when someone is running a geo-targeted search, the engine uses your information to produce localized relevant results.

Then when someone is running a geo-targeted search, the engine uses your information to produce localized relevant results.


Make it simple,

Have your business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) on your contact page

or,  if you’re using a platform like WordPress, place it in your footer file.


Be found on Google for your local businessTo boost your local rankings, you’ll also want to use this same information on other sites such as online directories and local area sites. These sites could include Yellow Pages, LinkedIn, Local Search, Industry directories, local council or government based sites and even Gumtree.

With all the marketing strategies in the world, you can still create a better presence online, and simple, yet effective ways like N.A.P. listings are just one effective tool that you can use to get that little bit ahead of your local competitors and get found in Google search.


10 high rankings sites to have your local business listed


Looking to be found more easily in your local area?  Contact the Social Media Officer today for more information.  Find out how we can help you market and grow your small business in your local community.

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